Are you frustrated watching the younger generation attached to what seems every waking hour of the day attached to the appendage of their mobile device or wonder at their ability to be glued to the magic screen of the computer or any other gismo that gives them access to the worldwide web?

Then you may well come from a generation that used phones at the bottom of the road and when you wanted to know something you either asked somebody or went to the local library. Failing that you had a quill and ink or equivalent and wrote a letter to a person or sent a card. Letters to family in Australia could takes months and a response well who knows.

Nothing has changed so fast and so dramatically in the last 100 and more years than that which has developed in the past 20 so far as communication technology. The ultimate intrusion to our calm ordered lives which has seen the development of the Instant Age – Instant Coffee – Instant Tea – Ready Meals – Instant Porridge. Actually few people now know the rudiments of cooking or care that much and now we have a generation who either do care or don’t care about this new era.  One thing is for sure communication and the speed at which it can be transferred is NOT going to go away. So if you think that by putting your head in the sand hoping it will pass you by, then think again –

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